Handil & Tambora Tunu


For DST Barge (Well Testing Services on Barges) project, Dimas Utama has done testing on the wells owned by French company, TOTAL E&P Indonesie. We use well testing equipments on barges for the testing. There are 242 staffs working on the five year duration project. These staff is also divided into two shifts (day and night) in order to make sure the project running 24 hours a day.


Regarding the well testing locations, there are two locations which are far from each other. The first well is located on the shore, in Handil area, Delta Mahakam. The second well is located off shore, to be exact in Tambora Tunu. Each of these tested wells requires different barge specification. For Tambora Tunu which is located off shore, it will most definitely require larger barge compared to Handil well which is located on shore.

Through some contract extensions, the project has been operating for more 10 years. We are currently given trust to handle the project until 2017. So far there are 12 barges available. However, there are only 5 barges actively operating. Three barges operate in Tunu Tambora and the other two barges operate in Handil. Since the distance of the two wells is quite far from each other, we use tugboat to move from one well to another.